Nigerians kick against Nicki Minaj performing in Saudi Arabia

Nigerians on social media have reacted to the news that Nicki Minaj will be performing at a music festival in Saudi Arabia.

The news has angered many Muslims who feel such should never take place in the ultra-conservative kingdom because of the revealing outfits usually worn by Nicki Minaj when she performs.

The news was brought to Nigerians on social media by a lady who asked for their opinion.

She wrote:

"salamu alaikum brothers and sisters please I have a question. Please what do you have to say regarding @nickiminaj performing in saudi Arabia? I'm a fan of her music but performing in a sacred place is a NO from me. But #whatdoiknow? I'm just asking oh".

See reactions below.

Any god that tells you to judge and kill others is a scam - 2face

Singer 2face Idibia has shared an advice on religion by listing the attributes of what he calls a scam god.

In a tweet, the singer stated that any god who tells you to judge others is a scam. He added that any god who says you should kill for him is also a scam.

2face tweeted:

Any god wey say make u kill person 4 am na scam.
Any god wey say make u give another man money 4 am to bless u na scam
Any god wey say make u judge another person na scam.
Any person wey say god tell am 2 tell u anything na scam #ONELOVERELIGION But open your eyes".

SB Live survives accident in car he received as a gift (Photos)

Singer Seun Bankole, popularly known as SB Live, has survived an accident which badly damaged the car he got as a gift from a fan.

The singer received the car as a gift from a fan last year who admired his talent and hardwork.

Showing appreciation, SB Live took to social media:

"THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started music as a hobby, then my passion for good music took over and music became my life.
Still in all these years, I never believed music would push me and take me to the lengths I have been.

It has been a great month, and the month is ending on a great note for me. While still celebrating my son's birthday, I received a call that has left me in total awe of God.
It began after my last show which was more like a meeting with Kings, and that meeting delivered this GIFT to me.

According to my benefactor who has refused to be named, he knew me even before meeting me through my mix tapes!
I wish I could scream his name but he prefers to remain anonymous!
I am grat…

I started enjoying marriage when I admitted I had toxic traits - Lady

A South African lady who went into marriage with the mindset that she has to be worshipped because she's beautiful has shared what changed her orientation.

In a series of tweets, the lady identified as Michelle Lima revealed that she started enjoying her marriage the moment she realized she had toxic traits.

Read below.

"I started enjoying my marriage when I admitted that I had toxic traits that needed to be worked on and stopped making excuses. 
I set up my mind to making it work and Husband reciprocated the same energy. It's never been the same since then 

One day I will tell you guys how I got into marriage thinking that man's has to worship me because am pretty. I had huge pretty girl problems . Threw tantrums when I didn't get my way. Never wanted to compromise, never listened. I took the whole "I'm the prize" thing too far...

I never put in any work in the marriage. I wanted everything handed to me cos am cute. Thank God that he's blessed me w…

Man reveals the hypocritical nature of Nigerian ladies

A Twitter user has revealed the hypocritical nature of Nigerian ladies when it comes to what a man requires from his future wife.

In a series of tweets he shared, he gave a list of all the things ladies require their future husband to have.

He then revealed how ladies go mad at the one single thing a man desires from his future wife.

He tweeted:

"Typical Nigerian Ladies; 
want to marry a man who is wealthy
Want to marry a tall man
Want to marry a man that can give orgasm
Want to marry God fearing man
Want to marry a man who has a very good job or business

Nigerian Man; 

Just mention that you can’t marry a woman who cannot cook, BOOM!!!
They will come out with their FEMINIST drug war!".

My man must cook and clean because I don't know how to - Ghanaian singer, Fantana

Ghanaian singer, Fantana has revealed that she doesn't know how to cook, and that's why she prefers to have a guy who can cook and clean.

The sexy singer who marked her 22nd birthday on the 3rd of July made this known during an interview with Zylofon FM.

Speaking about how she wants to be perceived by people, Fantana said:

"I want them to understand me and love me for who I truly am and everything that comes with it".

The interviewer then asked Fantana to shared the ideal qualities she would prefer a guy to have before she can go out with him.

She replied:

"Guys like girls who cook and clean. One thing about me is that I don't know how to cook. That is also a problem. You know, my nails (flaunts nails)... I really love my nails".

She added:

"I don't cook. I will learn one day but for now it's not happening. I want a guy who will cook for me, pamper me, take care of me and treat me like queen".

Busola Dakolo officially files complaint against Biodun Fatoyinbo

Singer Timi Dakolo's wife, Busola Dakolo has finally filed a complaint with the police following her rape allegation against COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

This has given the police the go ahead to investigate the allegation which she leveled against the pastor last Friday.

Busola Dakolo accused Biodun Fatoyinbo of raping her multiple times 20 years ago while she was still a member of his church.

She made the revelation in an interview with YNaija. See narration below.

Fatoyinbo showed up at her house unannounced. It was a Monday morning early enough that Busola Dakolo was still in her nightgown. Her mother had traveled with her sisters and were absent at service the previous sunday. He didn’t say a word, forcing her onto a chair, speaking only to command her to do as he said. It took Busola a while to come to terms with what was about to happen, and it was why she didn’t struggle or make a fuss when he pulled down her underwear and raped her. She remembers he didn’t say anythin…

I'd never compel a boyfriend into paying my bills - Lady

A Nigerian lady identified on Twitter as Omobewaji has revealed why she would never compel a boyfriend into paying her bills.

In a thread she shared, the lady revealed how her ex-boyfriend's family struggles changed her orientation about demanding for money from a guy.

She wrote:

"For many yrs ,I endured my “boyfriend” at the time calling me a MAN...saying “u never ask for money,ya always paying for stuffs,I can’t marry a woman like hurt me o but dude didn’t know I came across a message sent by his mom one time ...she was talking bout how he...

Needs to send money home for their rent ,his sisters school fees n other things ...clearly ! Bobo was the breadwinner of the family ...which was why i made a conscious decision not to be another bill he’s trynna sort! If anything ,I can take care of me n ease him of d stress

Baba broke up that year o! Simply because I don’t allow him spend on’s been yrs n uncle just hopped into my DM again n I told him d reason/s why I wa…

Pastor Abel Damina accused of sodomising a young boy

Pastor Abel Damina of Power City International, Uyo, has been accused of sodomising a boy years ago.

The victim who shared his story with an Instagram blog, revealed how he was inspired by the revelation by singer Timi Dakolo's wife, Busola Dakolo, who accused COZA pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of raping her years ago.

Read his story in screenshot below.

COZA: A bigger battle against the church is coming - Harrysong

Singer Harrysong has stated that a bigger battle against the Church is coming, as he reacts to the rape allegation against COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo, which was leveled by singer Timi Dakolo's wife, Busola Dakolo.

In a post he shared on social media, Harrysong advised Biodun Fatoyinbo to step down from his role as COZA pastor so as to save genuine members of the church from embarrassment.

He wrote: 

“PASTOR BIODUN FATOYINBO should step down now. while he clears his image,as justice take its course, A new pastor should be ordained immediately,so the church COZA which is the body of Christ can go on.Christians be wise,follow the Bible,use your head and not ur emotions……show Busuola Dakolo all the love and support she deserves,and needs right now,cus that woman is indeed a strong woman || the aim should be to fight against rape and get justice, and shouldn’t be about bringing down the church….

the church Coza is the body of Christ and have genuine members who are part of that body a…

Date for protest against pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA Church revealed

Social media users have set Sunday June 30, 2019, as the day of protest against pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, and it will be taking place at COZA Church in Abuja.

Biodun Fatoyinbo is currently being accused of raping singer Timi Dakolo's wife, Busola Dakolo, who opened up yesterday about the incident that took place years ago.

The interview in which she made the revelation has gone viral and has incited many on social media who have threatened to stage a protest against Biodun Fatoyinbo by going to his COZA Church on Sunday. See details below.

Biodun Fatoyinbo celebrity friends fail to speak up amidst rape allegation

Celebrity friends of COZA pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo have failed to speak up concerning the rape allegation leveled against him by singer Timi Dakolo's wife, Busola Dakolo.

Busola Dakolo opened up today on how Biodun Fatoyinbo raped her multiple times when she was very young, when his church was still in the budding stage.

Many celebrities have taken to social media to commend her for her bravery in speaking up, while they slammed the COZA pastor. Some of the celebrities include Banky W, Uche Jombo, Rita Dominic, Funmi Iyanda etc.

Biodun Fatoyinbo hasn't gotten one single support from any celebrity despite having a few as friends. Some of them include Tonto Dikeh, Woli Arole, Jim Iyke etc.

Tonto Dikeh once attended COZA church and also gets seen with Wale Jana who recently reacted by slamming Busola Dakolo and her husband Timi Dakolo as having skeletons in their closet.

Woli Arole was given almost an hour to crack jokes on the altar at COZA church during a Christmas program the …

Stella Damasus's husband opens up on encounter with Biodun Fatoyinbo

Actress Stella Damasus's husband, Daniel Ademinokan has reacted to the rape allegation leveled by Busola Dakolo against COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

In a series of tweets, Daniel Ademinokan stated that he and his actress wife also had an encounter with the man.

Stella Damasus's husband shared:

I just saw Busola Dakolo's interview and I BELIEVE EVERY WORD she said because my wife and i had our encounter with this man and we saw the signs immediately. Its a shame that Pastor Biodun is bringing shame to the body of Christ. ...

Yes...COZA pastor should be held accountable for his actions. Any man, regardless of office who has multiple allegations like this should be investigated, prosecuted and convicted if found guilty. You can't hide under spirituality to claim immunity.

@stelladamasus and I have stories forever on our experiences with certain men who should be spiritual leaders, yet they prey on celebrities and innocent young women. These men are depriving people the op…

Producer Official dead: How DJ Official death happened

Producer Official dead: Producer Official death happened in Los Angeles where he was shot and killed while in his car.

Before Producer Official death, he was a Grammy award winning, producer who worked with Cardi B, Chris Brown, Offset, YG, Richthekid, City Girls etc.

The news of Producer Official death was confirmed by music producer Mustard who shared on social media:

I’m beyond hurt I’m devastated I’m sick to my stomach I love you lil bro forever @prodbyofficial …. i got your son 4 life this ain’t how it was suppose to go 😥 a real 10SUMMER MEMBER !
Producer Official dead: How DJ Official death happened @Lijahturner expressed regrets at the news of Producer Official death:
One of the first dudes who really believed in me in this music industry who told me to keep fighting for what’s mines and keep the grind going non stop
why you bro. why this world ain’t fair and I’m tired of this bullshit Rest In Peace my brotha #DjOfficial #10Summers #RipOfficial’  From @Palmthosetrees:


Obama and Hillary Clinton called out over Sri Lanka Church bombings

Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, other world leaders and the media have been called out on Twitter concerning their reaction to how Christians suffered when Churches in Sri Lanka were bombed on Easter Sunday.

A series of devastating suicide bombings rocked hotels and Churches on Easter Sunday leaving nearly 300 people dead and more than 500 injured.

Reacting to the news, Obama tweeted:

Hillary Clinton also tweeted:

Twitter users, however, pointed out something they noticed in their tweets. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton failed to mentioned the word Christians. Instead of mentioning Christians who were the actually victims of the suicide bombings, the both of them used 'Easter Worshippers'

Twitter users also pointed out how when similar attack was carried out on Muslims in ChristChurch in New Zealand, Obama and Hillary didn't fail to mention Muslims in their condolence message.

See reactions from Twitter users below.

''Being Curvy Is Not A Crime'' - Ghanaian Ac…

Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko's marriage is a miracle - Stella Dimokokorkus

Stella Dimokokorkus has prayed for miracle to happen to those criticizing the alleged union between actress Regina Daniels and billionaire Ned Nwoko.

This was after news filtered out that the teen actress secretly got married to the 59year old billionaire in Delta State.

Since the news broke out,many fans have criticized Regina Daniels with claims that she got involved with the man all for money.

Reacting to the backlash the actress has been receiving, Stella Dimokokorkus feels it's only coming from folks who failed at what she succeeded in doing.

Read her post below.

May your Saturday turn out as beautiful and as blessed as Nollywood actress @regina.daniels ....May you and foreign currency become five and six in a country where naira is the Official currency. Some of you are hating on her because you tried what you all accuse her of and it didn’t work out for you the way it did for her. I pray your miracle today is so big that Reginas own will look like child’s play near yours. G…

Former BBNaija housemate, Tboss speaks on being pregnant

Former BBNaija reality TV star, Tboss has reacted to a report that says she is pregnant.

According to the report, the fact that the reality TV star has been on and off social media indicates that she is pregnant.

Also, the recent pictures she uploads, which show her having a plump face and wearing clothes women often wear in the early stage of pregnancy, seem to buttress the claim by the report.

Reacting to the report, Tboss expressed amazement at the story being peddled about her.

Screenshot below.

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