"I'm Not Paying" - Man Laments Over Bride Price, Slams African Parents

"I'm Not Paying" - Man Laments Over Bride Price, Slams African Parents

Twitter user, Stevie Que has used the platform to express his anger over how Nigerians use the issue of bride price as a means to fast wealth.

He wrote;

''Can somebody explain to me why the Africans have no class?? Why do they throw ones at people on their WEDDING they as if they are worthless strippers with no dignity ? Please explain''.

'African parents sell their daughters as if they are prostitutes and call I️t a “bridal fee” or some other dumb poo just to get married... smh why am I paying the parents to marry their daughter? this is sick".

"Africans are known for scamming & finessing but this is just sick... can people be in love IN PEACE without you scamming for once.. I’m not paying nobody parents to marry their daughter.. they better be grateful somebody even wants to marry her".

Bride Price: White Man Slams African Parents, Says "I'm Not Paying"

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