Record Labels Vs Artistes: What You Need To Know As A Fan Before Taking Sides

Record Labels Vs Artistes: What You Need To Know As A Fan Before Taking Sides

One of the problems with Nigeria's budding music industry is the issue of record label and artiste conflicts. Many musical artistes go into contracts with record labels without proper understanding of what they entail. Some, even with the help of professional and skilled lawyers, still enter into contract which they later realize how much of slavery it is.

Before we crucify record labels, let us view things from their standpoint. How many new artistes blew up this year? Very few. Can you compare the few that blew up to the majority of new artistes that didn't (that's if you even know them all)? Yet, it's some record label that signed them with a lot of money gone into the investment that turned out bad.

Record companies spend a lot on their artistes which fans of such artistes don't know of. The private jet pictures you see your favorite artiste posing in, where do you think the money came from? What about the fancy hotel suites, cars, mansions, clothes, expensive music videos, seasoned music productions, promotions and other logistics? After all of that, most of the newly signed artistes still don't blow; this amounts to huge loss on the part of the record label.

Now, let's view things from the perspective of artistes. After dreaming big and getting sick of the ghetto life of suffering, you finally come across an offer that will see you achieve your dreams of being famous with hot chicks flocking around you. The juiciness of such offer will blind you from seeing the likely bitter aspect. Many underground artiste will embrace anything as long as it will give them their dreams. This explains why most of these artistes enter into contracts which unenlightened fans see as slavery. No matter how much slavery you think exists in the contract, note that without such contract in existence no one will know of that artiste. That slave contract elevated many to popularity. But was it as soon as these artistes became famous with some cash at their disposal that they now remembered that it was a slave contract they signed? No! They knew all along.

What causes conflict between both parties is simply greed. You might think the record label offered a greedy contract to the artiste, but have you considered who will suffer the loss if the artiste fails to blow up and yield return on investment? If we've discussed the greed on the part of the record label, how about we talk about that of the artiste? Most artistes were cool with the slavery contract and were well aware of it. But along the line, it became an issue to them. ''How can my record label take N45 million and leave me with just N5 million from the endorsement deal I entered with a telecommunications company?'', speaking the mind of these artistes. Some of them start to imagine how good it will be if they get to pocket the whole money alone, a thing that can only happen when their contract together is over. Well, that was the agreement the artiste entered into when he was desperate to make it, which he was well aware of.

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